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BAXXE is a luxurious new approach to the strapless bra, with a patent-pending design that brings sublime comfort, head-turning style and voluptuous va-va-voom to your most daring sheer and backless fashion statements.


We believe that your bra should never cramp your style. So after years of fussing with unflattering, ill-fitting strapless bras, we built a better one from scratch. Creating the perfect strapless bra wasn’t rocket science, but it was structural engineering. Every element of the BAXXE bra’s patent-pending construction was designed to maximize comfort, style, wearability and hold. With memory foam shaping that adds electrifying enhancement to your natural assets, BAXXE bras offer comfortable non-slip support and luscious lift without sliding, digging, or drama.


Created with fashion chameleons in mind, BAXXE can be styled and re-styled to complement any mood, outfit or occasion. With Runway-ready bands crafted from the same luxurious materials used by Europe’s heritage fashion houses, BAXXE offers statement-making style, endless customization and lasting quality. BAXXE is the investment piece that earns appreciation – wear after wear, year after year. From sheer to backless, demure to outrageous—we have your BAXXE.